The CA Secretariat provides the critical administrative and operational support to the Commission with a full complement of career service professionals who provide the assistance and documentation through the entire confirmation process. The Secretariat is tasked to assist the Commission to perform effectively its constitutional mandate.

Chapter II, Section 4 of the Rules of the Commission specified the creation of the Secretariat, to wit: 

            “The Secretary of the Commission and the Sergeant-At-Arms shall likewise, be chosen by the members of the Commission and shall serve until their successors shall have been duly elected and qualified.” Headed by the Secretary, other Secretariat officers are the Sergeant-at-Arms, Deputy Secretary for Administration, Deputy Secretary for Legal Affairs, Deputy Secretary for Investigation and Appointments Review, and the Deputy Secretary for External Affairs and Relations. 

Sections 6, 7, and 8, Chapter 2 of the Rules of the Commission outlined the duties and responsibilities of the Secretariat officers, to wit: “The Secretary of the Commission on Appointments shall serve at the pleasure of the Commission, shall have his office in such place as may be designated, and shall have the following duties:

  1. Under the direction of the Chairman, to see to it that the orders and resolutions of the Commission on Appointments are duly performed and complied with;
  2. To draft the minutes of the meeting of the Commission on Appointments, which shall contain a clear and succinct statement of whatever took place or was agreed upon thereat;
  3. To certify, under his signature and the seal of the Commission, the resolutions and orders of the Commission;
  4. To duly publicize and publish within three (3) days from the date of referral, in two (2) newspapers of general circulation, all initial nominations or appointments referred by the Chairman to the standing committees;
  5. To execute a certification upon compliance with his duly mentioned in the preceding paragraph and to serve said certification on the Chairman of the standing committees concerned;
  6. To attend the meetings of the Commission, as well as, the meetings of the standing committees;
  7. To issue calls for the meeting of the Commission, as well as, those of the standing committees under the direction of the Chairman concerned; and, 
  8. to perform such other duties which the Commission or its Chairman may direct.

The Sergeant-At-Arms shall have the following duties: 

  1. To attend all meetings of the Commission; 
  2. To maintain order under the direction of the Chairman; 
  3. To execute all commands of the Commission and all processes issued by authority thereof when directed by the Chairman or the Secretary.

In the absence or incapacity of the Secretary, the Chairman may designate any of the deputy secretaries of the Commission as Acting Secretary. In the absence or incapacity of the Sergeant-At-Arms, the Chairman may designate any employee of the Commission as acting Sergeant-At-Arms.” While their duties are not explicitly stated, the deputy secretaries are tasked to assist the Secretary in the day-to-day operations of the Secretariat.