The Commission on Appointments (CA) Secretariat is headed by the Secretary of the Commission assisted by the following senior staff officers: Sergeant-at-Arms, Deputy Secretary for Investigation and Appointments Review, Deputy Secretary for Legal Affairs, Deputy Secretary for Administration and Deputy Secretary for External Affairs and Relations.




The Secretary of the Commission on Appointments is elected by the Members of the Commission. Chapter II, Section 6 of the New Rules of the Commission on Appointments provides that, the Secretary of the Commission shall have the following duties:

    1. under the direction of the Chairman, to see to it that the orders and resolutions of the Commission on Appointments are duly performed and complied with;

    2. to draft the minutes of the meeting of the Commission on Appointments, which shall contain a clear and succinct statement of whatever took place or was agreed upon thereat;

    3. to certify, under his signature and the Seal of the Commission, the resolutions and orders of the Commission; 

    4. to publish in two (2) newspapers of general circulation or publicize in broadcast media immediately upon receipt of all initial nominations or appointments submitted by the President;

    5. to execute a certification upon compliance with his duty mentioned in the preceding paragraph and to serve said certification on the Chairman of the Standing Committees concerned;

    6. to attend the meetings of the Commission, as well as, the meetings of the Standing Committees; 

    7. to issue calls for the meeting of the Commission, as well as, those of the Standing Committees under the direction of the Chairman concerned; and, 

    8. to perform such other duties which the Commission or its Chairman may direct.

The Secretary exercises direct control and supervision over all the Services, officers and employees of the Commission Secretariat. 


The Head Executive Assistant (HEA) studies and analyzes with expediency all matters pertaining to the business of the Commission as referred by the Secretary and reviews documents requiring the Secretary’s signature. He also assists in following up orders to the CA Chairman from the concerned component units and calls the attention of the Secretary.


The Confirmation Affairs Bureau was established to strengthen the linkages and coordination of the Commission with its stakeholders, particularly the offices of the Members of the Commission and government agencies relevant to the confirmation processes on the presidential appointees and nominees. Timely and efficient coordination by the CAB of the various agencies is deemed necessary to discharge the constitutional mandate of the Commission.


The Technical Support Service provides accurate and timely technical support services and coordination with the members of the Commission and their respective staff including the various committee stakeholders and other Secretariat offices. Its functions include, among others, the preparation of confirmation process documents, publication of appointments, schedules and notices of meetings, minutes, journals, resolutions, committee agenda, plenary session order of business, scenarios, transcripts of stenographic notes, certificates of confirmation, reports to the President and invitations to resource persons and witnesses.



The Communications Technology Service (CTS) was established to address the need for a dedicated Service tasked to use the advances of communications technology in the service and performance of the Commission. The CTS seeks to introduce and effect greater efficiency in the service of the Commission Proper and its standing committees, and the Secretariat, by providing and implementing the proofs of concepts for digital transformation through its advanced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) platforms, tools, systems, programs and procedures. The accomplishment of CTS’ core functions and services is vital in attaining quality service and productivity in the Commission as it commits to optimize digital technology advances to address and support various communications and online operational needs in the confirmation process and other official events and activities.


It is tasked to maintain peace and order in the Commission. It provides security to the CA members and personnel as well as to the property of the Commission. It makes plans for security operations and supervises the security personnel in the implementation of these security measures during committee hearings, caucuses and plenary sessions.

It also gives orders to the legislative pages to serve subpoenas and notices of meetings and to deliver vital documents to the different government agencies or offices, oppositors and witnesses. Under this office is the Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms.


The Office of the Deputy Secretary for Investigation and Appointments Review (ODSIAR) institutionalizes and strengthens the system of linkages and coordination of the Commission with various government offices, including investigative agencies and other sources of relevant data and/or information on presidential appointees and nominees who require confirmation by the Commission. 

It develops and adopts a viable work program to effectively exercise its supervision and management functions over the background investigation and appointments review, information and research units of the Commission. It is mainly responsible for the implementation of a workable information/data gathering and collection program and appointments review system on pending and prospective presidential appointees and nominees to more efficiently assist the Commission members in discharging their constitutional duty of evaluating the qualifications and fitness of these officials.


The Appointments Review and Investigation Service (ARIS) is responsible for the conduct of background check on nominees/appointees. Its primary documentary outputs are: (a) Certificate of Completion of Documentary Requirements, which attests to the appointee’s or nominee’s full compliance of the documents required under Section 24 of the Rules of the Commission; and (b) Profile and Investigation Report, a product of the review, evaluation and analysis of the documents submitted by the appointee or nominee, as well as the field investigation and research conducted by the investigators which is given to Commission members during committee hearings.


The Information and Research Service (IRS), under the direct control and supervision of the Office of the Deputy Secretary for Investigation and Appointments Review (ODSIAR), strengthens the Commission’s operational capability in the field of background investigation and research.

Complementing the appointments review and investigation services of the Commission, the IRS is committed to provide research and enhanced information/data gathering, processing, and coordination services through various modes of open source (online/offline) publications, institutional linkages, and other public networks/fora.


Office of the Deputy Secretary for Legal Affairs mainly functions as the legal counsel of the Commission, overseeing the legal unit of the CA, as well as its Databank and Library Service. Under the ODSLA are two service Services/Units:


The Legal Service (LS) is responsible for rendering advisory and consultative legal services.It prepares studies and renders opinions on constitutional and legal issues. It also prepares the proposed amendments to the Rules of the Commission on Appointments and of the Standing Committees.It summarizes the oppositions filed against presidential appointees and nominees and the answers/comments thereto.It prepares subpoenae, warrants and other legal processes issued by the Committees.


The Databank and Library Service (DBLS) is responsible for the management of the Commission’s technical and certain administrative records, including the proper receipt, recording, dissemination and transmittal of the same. It is the repository of all pertinent records of the Commission’s confirmation process.

The Service develops computer database systems for fast, easy and more efficient storage, retrieval and verification of data/information. It enhances, updates and maintains the CA website, and provides assistance and support to other CA IT issues and concerns. 

It is also in charge of the inventory, acquisition and subscription of books and other library materials.


The Office of the Deputy Secretary for Administration is responsible for the efficient performance of the Secretariats administrative functions, from staffing and personnel selection, to budget preparation, evaluation and control, to procurement and property management, to basic CA housekeeping.


The Accounting Service(AS) develops and maintains comprehensive financial plans and programs for the effective implementation of the generally accepted accounting and auditing principles and standards.

It is composed of the following sections:

      • Financial Report Section: responsible for the timely completion and submission of financial reports and other statutory requirements of concerned government agencies, such as: COA, DBM and BIR; and

      • Fiscal Control and Funds and Resources Section: responsible for the proper management, disbursement and utilization of funds and resources of the Commission conformably with existing accounting and auditing rules and regulations. This section performs the pre-audit of disbursement vouchers and its supporting documents.


The Budget Service(BS) is responsible for all activities pertaining to budget preparation, evaluation, execution and control. It has two sections namely:

      • Budget Evaluation and Statistics Section: responsible for the preparation of the annual agency budget, operating budget, financial workplan and statistical reports of expenses and;

      • Budget Execution and Control Section: responsible for the recording and controlling of claims in accordance with the approved budgetary levels, guidelines, programs and projects, and preparation of Status of Funds and other reports as required by the DBM and management.


The General Service(GS) attends to procurement, property management, housekeeping and cashiering. It has three sections namely:

      • Property and Procurement Section: responsible for property management and procurement of office equipment and supplies;

      • Maintenance Section: responsible for general housekeeping and maintenance of office equipment and official vehicles of the CA; and

      • Cash Section: the Commissions custodian of cash funds. It is responsible for payment of salaries and wages of employees. Likewise, checks are prepared and released in this office.

Human Resource Management Service (HRMS)

The Human Resource Management Service (HRMS) formulates and implements a comprehensive human resource management and development program. The HRMS enforces appropriate rules, policies and procedures to ensure an efficient and professional workforce in the Commission.

It is composed of two sections:

      • Management and Utilization Section: provides services for personnel staffing, recruitment and promotion, salary administration, records management, timekeeping and leave administration and

      • Welfare and Development Section: responsible for policy, health and benefits administration, training and development programs and employee performance evaluation.


The Office Of the Deputy Secretary For External Affairs And Relations (ODSEAR) institutionalizes an efficient and effective system of linkages of the Commission with the Executive Branch, other government institutions and the general public.

In charge of the overall direction, supervision and management of the projects aimed at promoting goodwill and harmonious relationship between the CA and its external environment and facilitates interaction and communication among employees of the Commission.