Dynamo behind the CA

Secretariat: The Dynamo behind the Commission on Appointments

The Commission on Appointments (CA) Secretariat provides technical and administrative support to the Commission Proper and its standing committees. The Secretariat facilitates the tedious documentation work of the entire confirmation process. Prior to the conduct of all confirmation hearings, the Secretariat receives, processes, reproduces, circulates, validates, verifies, and stores documents submitted by the President and the presidential nominees and appointees. It also issues notices of meetings, undertakes the publication of announcements of presidential nominations and appointments, documents legal issues on and submitted oppositions to the nominees/appointees, organizes the proper conduct and documentation of confirmation hearings and plenary sessions, facilitates efficient records keeping and archiving, and performs the necessary administrative functions in pursuing the mandate of the Commission.

The effectiveness of the CA in the performance of its functions is partially gauged by the capacity of the Secretariat in doing its job – starting off from the receipt and processing of presidential nominations/appointments, conduct of efficient research, information gathering, data processing and background investigations on the qualification of nominees/appointees, ensuring the substance, completeness and clarity of presentation of reports on their investigations, thorough evaluation of the qualifications and fitness of each nominee/appointee, until its successful conduct and documentation of the confirmation proceedings using appropriate technologies, systems and procedures.