About the Senate President/CA Chairperson

Hon. Vicente C. Sotto III

Senate President, 2018

Sportsman, singer-songwriter, artist, and legislator.

For close to 50 years, Senate President Tito Sotto has done almost everything and whatever he does, he does so with distinction.

An award-winning composer, world-class bowler, and producer that launched the careers of some of the country’s biggest singers, Sotto was not content with his accomplishments as a private individual.

Senate President Sotto’s focus turned towards public service and in this endeavor, he was just as prolific. He was elected vice mayor of Quezon City
in a landslide victory. He came up with the policy framework for the country’s campaign against illegal drugs. He is responsible for over 100 laws and has held all leadership positions in the Senate.

Since becoming a senator in 2010, Sotto has never missed a day at work. He is never late for the plenary sessions and is always active in the debates on bills and resolutions. He is the resident expert on the Rules of the Senate and his institutional memory is unmatched.

Just like most public personalities, Senate President Sotto has gone through his fair share of challenges. The position he takes on certain issues may not sit well with some people, but one thing is for sure; he will never waver from his faith and his principles, both of which have guided him in everything he has done in his life.

Senate President Sotto has also accomplished something that not too many people these days can claim to have achieved. He is celebrating his 49th wedding anniversary with his wife Helen Gamboa, a testament to all that marriages, even among celebrities and in this time where divorces and legal separations are prevalent, can last.